How To Use Gbwhatsapp, And How It Works

GB WhatsApp Apk is a well-known app now in the world of socializing where you can express your words, thoughts, and desires openly with anyone in your contacts without worrying about the charges it might cost you. You will find the perfect blend of interesting facts and stories from your friends and family through their WhatsApp statuses that you can even download with this GB WhatsApp Apk.


You will have plenty of features like hiding ticks and hiding your social activity. You can try not to be very social without offending anyone with your quiet days. So they won't feel as if you ghosted them. Similarly, GB WhatsApp offers you a way to make changes to WhatsApp and live a more defined and controlled interaction with colorful themes, fun games, etc.

How to use GB WhatsApp?

You can use this amazing app by simply understanding its features and its interface to make it work for you.


So where can you find the chat box of people on GB WhatsApp? You will find it in the main window when you open the app. All the chats will be listed on the front page and you can choose any chat from the list that you want to connect with. You can delete, hide, archive, or block people by simply holding the chat box.


To start a new chat, you can click on the + icon in the upper right corner and then choose the contact that you want to chat with. Tap on it and it will take you to their chat box.

On the bottom of the chat box, you will see a box 'Type message here'. Add your text for example 'Hello' and then press the send button which looks like an arrow or airplane next to it.

Use it to hide chats

You can now lock up chats with this gb WhatsApp and hide them from your main chat list. These names or chat boxes won't show up in your direct message list.
so you can keep your chats hidden from the main list and no one will find it without your permission. The extra lock on it will keep it even more safe and only accessible to you.


Statuses will let you upload your daily life story and share it with your contacts. For example, you can share a picture of the food that you ate today with your friends.


Similarly, you can also see other people’s statuses from the Status section and even reply to their status. This way you can stay connected to your contacts and learn about their lives.


On the GB WhatsApp, you can also place calls and have a separate section of all the call log history. You can open this section and make a call to your favorite contact whenever you like by pressing the telephone icon next to their name from the list.


If the name is not present In the calls section then you can press the plus option on the top right corner and choose the new contact that you want to call.

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