How To Make And Restore A Backup Of Gbwhatsapp

Gb Whatsapp Apk is a mod apk version of the official app that allows you to enjoy benefits like never before. You can try to make your life choices beneficial with the best of GB WhatsApp Download features like that of offering free calls and messages and unlimited themes. it permits you to encounter the latest devices and allows all features without a question. it's a very next-level variant of ordinary WhatsApp which most certainly updates your informing experience.


All those highlights that ordinary WhatsApp needs are proposed to you however GB WhatsApp. By taking into account your necessities and wishes, the group has planned this application with great overhauls. We have presented profoundly requested highlights, including custom text styles, conceal last seen, Instagram-like story, block or spam texts, story view, and numerous other entrancing elements in GB WhatsApp only for you individuals.

How to backup GBWhatsApp

When you are using the WhatsApp official app, you first need to have a backup on your Google Drive using it so that the data can remain saved. If you do not do this then you could lose all the information. But with the Gb Whatsapp Apk, you don't need to connect to Google Drive and the app will save the information for you in the local backup. So follow the steps below to create a backup in GB WhatsApp Apk.


  • First of all, open the main menu of your gbwhatsapp app.
  • Then find the settings menu and open it.
  • Select the Chats option, then turn on the Backup option.
  • It will take a few minutes to back up and finish.
  • The data that you back up with gbwhatsapp also remains compatible with the official app and it will remain in the following path.
  • Internal storage > Android > media >

So here you can find another folder called the gbwhatsapp which you can locate with your file searcher in your device. It will have the backed up files from your WhatsApp.

How Can You Restore The Backup?

Now that you have backed up, you must be wondering how you can restore this backed-up data then let us explain it to you below:

  • First, you need to download the WhatsApp app but keep it closed.
  • Then go to your device storage and then click on Android. Find the media button and then online.whatsticker directory.
  • Now copy this GB WhatsApp APK folder and then follow with Internal Storage > Android > media > folder.
  • Name the GB WhatsApp app folder to only WhatsApp and then open it to access your subdirectory of all the media.
  • You will see a rundown of things. Every one of them starts with the word GBWhatsApp. Rename all organizers utilizing the word WhatsApp. For instance, change GBWhatsApp Vivified Gifs to WhatsApp Energised Gifs.

Presently, open the authority WhatsApp application and begin the record arrangement process. Tap on Reestablish when this choice shows up. As you can find in the above picture, WhatsApp will reestablish every one of your information from the inner stockpiling, not from the cloud.

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